There is only one Rick Alverson. His work is frustrating, to say the least, and even though I have not been a fan, of both Entertainment, and his most recent work- The Mountain; I can't say I don't respect the hell out of him. He is an artist, someone who sticks to his style, and has a way of making a film that challenges the viewer. It is also cool that one of his collaborators has become Tye Sheridan, the star of blockbusters such as Ready Player One and X-Men: Apocalypse. He is an actor that started at a very young age, impressing all critics in hits such as Mud, The Tree of Life, and Joe, which instantly cemented him as a star that we will know as a household name. With The Mountain, Sheridan and Alverson have made a film that is completely their own. It's a unique story, about a man who travels as a photographer for a doctor that lobotomizes people. It's disturbing, methodical, and meticulously put together, which excited me for my opportunity to interview both Rick Alverson and Tye Sheridan at SXSW this year. You can listen to my round table interview with the two here:

Kino Lorber will be distributing The Mountain and it will make its debut this year in cinemas all across the U.S.  

Tye Sheridan & Rick Alverson