I mean the name of the movie is Sausage Party. It's seriously called Sausage Party. It's an animated movie that comes equipped with a hard R, starring Seth Rogan, about a hot dog searching for his meaning in life, and a bun to er...fill. Really. When I gathered myself into my seat for the newest work of the writing team of Rogan & Evan Goldberg, I had no clue what was in store for me and the entire South by Southwest audience. The version of the film that I am reviewing was at the time deemed “a work in progress”, which means that a few scenes were missing color or a full construction of the animation, but the voices were all there, and the plot was in tact. It seriously didn't matter. Sausage Party is a laugh riot, leaving no ethnicity or sex joke out, in one of my most memorable viewing experiences of 2016. I watched with the right crowd, and this movie wasn't just a party, it was like a rock concert.

The sun rises over the Shopwells grocery store, where Rogan is the voice of Frank, a hot dog in a 10 pack of his fellow furters, who, like many of the other foods in the produce section, hopes to be chosen by one of the humans to go off to their version of eternity. The hot dogs share a 4th of July stand with the buns, and girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig) who hopes that her and Frank will one day be chosen together and ya know, be joined as intended. Only for these friendly talking foods, finding out what exists in the great beyond is a stark and shocking reality that is hard for them to digest.

Writers Goldberg and Rogan (Pineapple Express; Superbad) have made Sausage Party an eight year passion project. Directors Greg Tiernan (Shrek 2; Monsters vs. Aliens) and Conrad Vernon (Thomas the Tank Engine) steer the ship, making a point to crack filthy jokes about sex, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and crisp animated gross out humor. It fits in with raunchy films such as South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut or Fritz the Cat, but aims for a gross out version of a Pixar flick. A movie of this comedic caliber is subjective, because it will either make you fallout of your seat laughing, or you will be turned off. Surprisingly enough, it's done with colorful, detailed animation and a story that has an enlightening concept. Asking the question, if food was alive, would they believe in religion? Would they want to be chopped, chewed up, and eaten?

The adventure for these delectable creatures begins after a customer causes a hilarious Saving Private Ryan-like tragedy in the back of an aisle. Flour explodes everywhere, Peanut Butter holds Jelly in his arms, a banana peels his face, and oh the horror. The mess is cleaned up, but now Frank, Brenda, Teresa- a taco voiced by Salma Hayek, Sammy-a jewish bagel that resembles Woody Allen voiced by Edward Norton, Lavash- a muslim piece of flat bread (David Krumholtz), find themselves on a journey through the various sections of the supermarket. They make their way through a Mexico themed bar of hot sauce and tequila characters, to a bag of German sauerkraut marching to “Kill the Juice!”, all while being pursued by a roided up douche-yes an actual douche- voiced by Nick Kroll. Separated from the group is fellow, slightly deformed hot dog, Barry (voiced by Michael Cera) who makes his way to a stoner's gross apartment, trying to get back to the group to let them know that leaving the market equals a masticating death.

Now, is Sausage Party winning awards for anything? My guess is no, simply for the subject matter alone, but you have to give credit to Rogan and Goldberg for their stick-to-it-ness for an original piece of comedy. There are some laugh out loud moments, including a climactic ending which is, well, climactic.

It is without a doubt a movie that you watch with your college friends, or even geared toward teenagers to get a big laugh, but surprisingly enough, there is a message about religious tolerance and accepting people for who they are. It makes for a fun mix of comedy. If you like this kind of humor as I do, you should RSVP. These sausages know how to throw one hell of a party.

3 Stars

Written by: Leo Brady

Sausage Party