I would describe Pollyanna McIntosh as fierce. The tall, wickedly beautiful, former model, and fantastic actress from Scotland, has one of the most unique looks I have ever seen. I don't know why she hasn't been in a James Bond movie yet or even tapped to play a powerful superhero, but I know that is coming. She's just too good. This is a self-made superstar. McIntosh already made a major impact with her performance as Jadis on The Walking Dead and has become a household name in the horror genre. Now is the time where she reveals all her talents, and it arrives in her writing and her directorial debut film- Darlin'. This is a follow-up to her breakout role in The Woman, continuing the story from the perspective of a feral teenager, adopted by the catholic church and forced into a world she does not know. It's a movie that challenges our views on helping those in need and has shocking, bloody moments as well. I was lucky enough to sit down with Pollyanna McIntosh during her visit for the Cinepocalypse Film Festival. Watch it here:  

Pollyanna McIntosh