I like documentaries that challenge the audience and there is not a more challenging documentary in 2019 than Hail Satan? It's about the Satanic Temple, and you may not know this, but they are protecting your rights for religious liberty. Director Penny Lane has made three other documentaries before this, and Hail Satan? might be her best. Hail Satan? will awaken you to a group that is massively misunderstood, as Lane gathers footage of the fight between the religious right and left, and adds the perfect dash of humor to a subject that always divides people. Penny Lane is not just a good director, she's someone who has dedicated her life to cinema, no matter what the format. She is a film professor at Colgate University, and continues to promote independent film at all times. Her work packs a powerful punch, not just making movies that question the systems of the United States, but inspiring others to think for themselves. I had the opportunity to interview Penny Lane at the Doc10 Film Festival last week and you can watch our fantastic conversation right here:   

Penny Lane