Pat Healy has quietly taken the world by storm. The 45 year-old Chicago native, has a resume of movies that would make anybody jealous of his success. He's already been in such great films as Magnolia, The Innkeepers, Cheap Thrills, and Draft Day, but he's only getting better. Trust me, if you follow movies these days, you have enjoyed something with Pat Healy in it. His newest effort- Take Me is a wickedly funny lark, that Healy both directed and stars in, as a down on his luck guy, who runs a professional kidnapping service. One of his customers (co-star Taylor Schilling) pushes the limits to the edge of what he can get away with, making for a lot of wild fun. was lucky enough to put Pat on the Hot Seat to talk about acting, his favorite films, and his characters bad wig. Watch it here: