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A letter to the agents of Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, and Tim Roth,

I am writing you today to talk about your clients newest movie- Mr. Right. I would like to preface the following by saying that my opinion of this movie should not effect you or your clients in any way, as there is a high chance that you never read this letter. At this point, the movie has already been made and the checks have been cashed for your client's pointless performances. This was a low budget movie, about a woman named Martha (Anna Kendrick), who falls in love with a hitman (Sam Rockwell). It may seem like a harmless little romp for audiences to see these movie stars having fun, but it is nothing more than a pointless, slightly painful experience for anyone who watches.  

Mr. Right

It is Ms. Kendrick that I worry about the most, even though I shouldn't. Audiences have already had the chance to witness the charm and beauty, which radiates from the 31 year-old Pitch Perfect star. It is evident as to why many gravitated to her movies prior to this. She wowed us with her voice as the princess in Into the Woods. She proved that she could be in mumblecore films such as Drinking Buddies and Digging for Fire. Not to mention, the Oscar nomination for her performance in Up in the Air. All of this is an example as to why she is above the material in this script, written by Max Landis (Chronicle). I was frankly annoyed by Kendrick this time and I don't want to have this memory of her again.

Director Paco Cabezas should have been a red flag to everyone involved. His last film, the lazily titled Rage, was another notch added to Nicholas Cage's acting collection. Maybe that is why Mr. Rockwell felt a need to give this movie a shot. Did his former Matchstick Men co-star put in a good word? Did you even read the script for your client? His character is a highly skilled assassin, with dance moves disguised as killer kung fu action. Did he say yes because it was filmed entirely in the low-budget movie capital- New Orleans? It certainly makes for a nice vacation spot. I mean, the chemistry between Kendrick and Rockwell is there. The two of them have long, run-on conversations that go-on forever, as they desperately try to elevate the material above dull. On their first date, Rockwell kills a man in a parking lot, where shots are fired evoking not a single reaction from customers in the restaurant. Did you see that? And later, the best thing that Mr. Right can come up with is an out of place connection between our two main characters where he throws knives at her and she catches them. Huh?

As for Mr. Tim Roth, his performance is not damaging, but it's not good. This guy was in Reservoir Dogs for christ sake! His recent performance in The Hateful Eight was a reminder of how good of an actor he can be. This performance only makes me think he needs money to pay for his personal trainer. He plays a former partner of Francis's, as he sets out to kill his old friend. He disguises himself as a police detective to trick Martha into leading him to Francis. It turns into a shoot-em up finale between the two and another hitman's group of goons. Even during the action, Mr. Right finds a way to have our characters stop to talk, because nobody knows what to do in this movie. All three of these actors do not deserve a movie this bad.

What more can I say? I don't mean to be rude to Ms. Kendrick, Mr. Rockwell, and Mr. Roth. They will all recover from the travesty that is Mr. Right. These are just actors I respect and for the three of them to be involved in this feels like you didn't do your jobs. Nothing in this movie was right. Everything is wrong!


Friendly Film Critic- Leo Brady

1 Star

Written by: Leo Brady​