John Carroll Lynch's HOT SEAT- INTERVIEW

John Carroll Lynch is a great actor. He's a veteran at this point, often playing smaller roles, but leaving some of the most memorable performances, as he did in films such as Fargo, Zodiac, and Shutter Island, lingering in your mind long after the lights go down. His first feature film- Lucky, is a beautiful piece of cinema, honoring the long career of Harry Dean Stanton, in the form of this lonely character of good fortune. What I also found out when I sat down to interview the Denver native at SXSW, was that he was taught by my grandfather, yes you heard that right. My grandpa, Leo Brady, taught John Carroll Lynch in his playwriting course at Catholic University in Washington D.C. It was the most amazing thing to ever happen to me at an interview. I was already excited to have John Carroll Lynch as a guest, now he's one of the most memorable interviews of my career. Watch it below: