The team of Jack Roth and Joe Martin is a tandem that we will continue to hear about. I have very little doubt in that statement, especially because if their first feature together- Us and Them shows anything, they have proved that their minds together make a wild film, that will challenge audiences to choose a side in the argument of the working class vs. the upper class. Jack Roth looks familiar, but that may be because he looks so similar to his father Tim Roth. Although that is a launching point, Jack Roth is going to make a name for himself. His performance in Us and Them is a tour-de force, on top of an already stellar first three movies of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Brimstone, and now Us and Them. I had a chance to sit and talk with this exciting new duo at SXSW. Watch it below:   

Jack Roth & Joe Martin