Describing the plot alone leaves you with nothing left. Inheritance starts with the fathers death and methodically goes along exactly as one would expect. I would even recommend avoiding the trailer, because everything is given away. The screenplay by Matthew Kennedy has a beginning, middle, and end, but director Vaughn Stein lacks in any style to make things worth it. Lauren is the New York district attorney, her brother is running for re-election, and she is currently dealing with a big case to take down a white collar criminal. It's a lot on her plate and now it is added that her father wanted her to take care of his dirty laundry. Instead of taking time to find out why her father had a man chained up, Lauren just progresses everything, instantly believing a long haired, wide-eyed Simon Pegg at what he says, never looking around, asking others, and painfully drawing the movies big twist out. You know it's coming, but Inheritance is in no rush to get there.

One thing that Stein and crew wanted us to focus on was the performance by Simon Pegg, who seems to be doing his own wacky version of The Count of Monte Cristo. His hair is comically disheveled, looking like a mixture of cousin It and Harrison Ford's style in The Call of the Wild. The performance from Lily Collins is what drives the car, her character is determined, often in positions to get to the bottom of who her father actually was by talking to his “business partners”. It would all work if everything in between the mystery was genuinely exciting, but it is not. The pace is methodical, like being stuck at the crossing of a freight train. We know how it will end, there's just nothing fun happening till we get there.

More or less, I am saying that Inheritance is missing the edge that good thrillers have. If it was trying to be ridiculous, like a soap opera or telanovela, it isn't wacky enough. If it is taking itself seriously, then the director should have tried to emulate dramas like The Firm, Michael Clayton, or Sidney Lumet's The Verdict. Instead, Inheritance is a lot of hot air. You might even say that it is lacking in having the bills to back it up. This is one movie that audiences should not have passed on to them.


Written by: Leo Brady





I can't say that Inheritance doesn’t go for it all. I'm reminded of how Chicago Bears fan's view former quarterback Rex Grossman. He would often throw the deep ball, overthrowing his target by ten yards, but you have to give him credit for taking the shot. Go big or go home, as they say. That is what Inheritance is. It's a dramatic thriller and when family patriarch Archer Monroe (Patrick Warburton) dies from an apparent heart attack, he has left his fortune to wife Catherine (Connie Nielsen) and children- William (Chace Crawford) and Lauren (Lily Collins). Unfortunately for Lauren, dad has also left her a few dark and twisted family secrets for her to handle, specifically finding a man by the name of Morgan (Simon Pegg) chained in a bomb shelter. It's an intriguing scenario, but when we get to it, Inheritance becomes a belabored experience, with fine performances, drawn out dialogue, and not enough going on. Inheritance would have been a great movie, if it would have just got to the point.