Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter





AMovieGuy.com's RATING: 2 1/2 Stars (Out of 4)

When the concept of a movie seems ridiculous, it is hard to walk into the theatre for said movie and not think that it will be just that: ridiculous. The title and plot of the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is hard to take seriously because it has one of the most beloved Presidents in American history and turns him into an axe wielding, more than human, vampire killer.

The Movie stars Benjamin Walker as Lincoln. He has a very good resemblance to Honest Abe and used little makeup to change his appearance or stature. The film starts with Abe when he was young boy. He witnesses the death of his mother at the hand of vampires. It is from this day forward as he gets older, Abe would seek revenge on all vampires; especially the man who took his mother’s life. As he aged, his hate for vampires grew stronger. Along his travels he would meet Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper). Sturges, is a man trained in the art of vampire hunting and has revenge on his mind just like Abe. Sturges has been doing this longer than Abe and teaches him the ways of killing vampires. Director Timur Bekmambetov takes this time to use the helpful montage to display how Abe goes from simple wood chopper to taking down entire trees with one swing of his axe. Before we know it, he is ready to have his revenge.

With only taking down vampires on his mind, he settles in Springfield, Illinois and works as a shop keep. Lincoln makes new friends such as shop owner Joshua Speed (Jimmi Simpson) and even meets a poorly cast Alan Tudyk as Stephen Douglas (Douglas was known as the “little giant”, and Tudyk looks like he’s possibly 6′ 2″).  Through Douglas he meets the elegant and wide-eyed Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who finds him mysterious and enjoys walks and picnics with him. Lincoln tells her of his vampire hunting ways, but she only thinks he is joking. Lincoln then proceeds to take a liking to politics. This will become his new front: President of the United States.

The movie leads up to the epic battle of the Civil War. In a, not so surprising fashion, the South is the side that will have the assistance of vampires. With many moments of  scary vampires ‘Vampire Hunter’ is not as terrible of a movie as it is titled. The head vampire Adam (played by Rufus Sewell) has a good knack for being a bad guy. The movie takes a part of history and gives it a vampire twist. I was especially impressed with the final scene which has Lincoln and his childhood friend Will Johnson (Anthony Mackie) battle vampires on a train, on burning tracks. It looks very cool.

The problem with the movie is it has moments that take the story of Lincolns life and make him almost super human. There are 3 scenes in particular and one of them include Lincoln running through a herd of wild horses and going as far as throwing a horse at a vampire. That is not a typo. He grabs a horse with his bare hands and throws it. It is moments like these that give Vampire Hunter 2 1/2 stars. If it had been called Paul Bunyan:Vampire Hunter maybe I would have liked it more.

2 1/2 STARS

Written by Leo Brady